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Please click the appropriate link to view the merchandise which interests you. Please note; we made the choice long ago to invest our time into production and customer service instead of updating websites. That's one of the reasons everything is in stock.
The catalog is typically updated every six months or a year; it's generally reasonably current.
As we stock new items, they go on the "Uncataloged Products" page first and sit there until they make it into the catalog. The rest of the site is mostly quite dated but has some useful information about some of the products. That said, probably half our products aren't on it.
There's a possibility there are some old prices here and there on the site; refer to the catalog for current pricing and all the new products that aren't on the site.

Current Retail Catalog in .pdf format, updated January 2015 (contains many new items not listed on website)

Uncataloged Products (check here for stocked items which haven't yet been added to the catalog)

Suppressors for submachine guns, carbines, pistols and rifles

AIMSTM Upgrades For Every CAC-Series Submachine Gun Suppressor Ever Made!

Griptastic™ Custom Hi-Temp Suppressor Covers, in stock for 1", 1.375", 1.5", 1.625, 1.75 and 2" suppressors!

Uzi .22 Conversion Kit Replacement Extractors (also HK .22, click for details)

AR15 to M16 Conversion Drilling And Check Fixtures

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